Professional Property Management Services

Our goal is to make your investment profitable and trouble free. We keep your property rented at top market rates to tenants who care about your property as you do. Our tenants know what is expected of them. We provide firm and courteous enforcement of tenancy rules, as well as reliable and business-like collection of rents.

About Our Services

With the understanding that individual needs will vary and the terms of particular management agreements will change accordingly, the following list of services is provided:

Advertising and Showing of Rental Properties

  • We advertise in all local newspapers for maximum exposure (as needed).
  • We display an attractive FOR RENT sign on your property.
  • We show your property to qualified prospects.

We do our best to re-rent your property before the old tenant moves out. Rarely do we incur vacancies of more than a few days (we don’t want vacancies any more than you do). Our office has the ability to minimize cost in the areas of repair, vacancy expenses and management costs, while maintaining the maximum income from your property.

Prospective Tenants
We carefully screen prospective tenants for your property and perform all of the following:

  • All prospective tenants must complete a credit application. This charge is paid by the tenant.
  • Credit checks are performed through major credit bureaus on a nationwide basis.
  • Income and employment history is verified with the prospective tenant’s employer. The prospective tenant must exhibit job stability and sufficient income to support the rent payment.

We completely check the prospective tenant’s rental history.

Tenant Agreements

  • We execute, along with the new tenant, a rental agreement with an addendum covering any foreseeable problem areas. This is a legally binding contract.
  • We collect the correct monthly rent and security deposit. The security deposit stays with the owner.
  • We explain and receive an agreement from the tenant on their responsibilities before they move in. We leave no doubt that rents are to be paid on time. Your property is to be kept clean, and yards are to be maintained. Any problems are to be reported to us at once.

Rent Collections

  • All rents are due on the first of the month.
  • A telephone reminder is given if the rent is not paid by the tenth (10th), along with a firm reminder letter.
  • A 3-day notice to pay or quit (eviction notice) is served if rent is not in our office by the fifteenth (15th). Most tenants are conscientious about paying rents, and rarely is this extreme measure necessary. The 3-day notice normally results in the rent being brought in the next day, rather than an eviction.

Maintenance, Repair and Cleanings

  • We prepare vacant properties for occupancy quickly, performing any cleaning or minor repairs that may be necessary.
  • Tenants call our office if repairs are necessary.
  • We use proven, reliable workmen who perform repairs quickly, and at reasonable prices.
  • We contact you for your authorization before performing repairs of a costly nature.

Record Keeping and Administration

  • Our records ease your tax preparation chores.
  • You receive a monthly statement of income and expenses for each property we manage for you.
  • A separate trust account record, as required by law, is maintained for each of your properties.
  • All original invoices for work performed are sent to you for your personal records.
  • We pay mortgage payments, utility payments, and maintenance bills, if you wish. Many property owners prefer to make their own mortgage payments, while having us pay everything else.

Additional Services

ALLPro R.E. periodically surveys market rents and recommends rent increases, as warranted. Your properties stay rented at top rents without incurring excessive vacancies.